How to Dress for your Night at the Casino: 5 Allowed Dress Codes

By August 9, 2020Fashion News

What comes to mind when you think of lavish casinos? Gorgeous women dressed impressively, men donning their favourite casual outfits and a few businessmen in black suits.

No one visits casinos in flip flops, baggy jeans or worn-out clothes.  So, before you think of donning your pair of new unfinished jeans, check out what casual outfits you own. That’s what most people will be wearing, which means you will blend right in.

Many casinos here in the UK, Monaco, Macau and Las Vegas have specific dress codes for their patrons. Learn what these codes mean below, and you won’t have a problem picking the right dress for your date at the casino. Let’s get started.

White Tie

Ever any watched any James Bond movie ever? The suits he wears described the White Tie dress code for men. It involves:

  • A white shirt with a bib front
  • Black shoes
  • White bow or long tie
  • A black coat with tails
  • A pair of black trousers
  • Wing collars

James Bond seldom visits casinos without a love interest. And as you might have observed, they tend to wear long (full) dresses. This is the accepted dress code for casinos that request the white tie code. It describes:

  • Floor-length gown
  • A small purse (optional)
  • Stylish jewellery
  • Optional white gloves


If you’re like many people, you dress casually when you are away from your place of work. You put on jeans and a T-shirt when you visit your local club. Or you wear an elegant dress of your choice and a top when you want to hang out with friends.

The casual style is slowly becoming the primary dress code of many casinos worldwide. It’s already the official outfit for online casinos. Duh, no one cares how you dress while in your house playing slot machines. You could put on your sweat pants and a vest, a mini-skirt or stay in your bikini.

According to, the best online casinos in the UK only want one thing from you: your time. Trade five minutes to create an account and you could receive a bonus from playing slots or card games free. If you like the experience, you can then choose to play these games for real money.

Black Tie

The black-tie look was once the most popular dress codes for VIP customers. But over the years, it lost its popularity to casual outfits and white tie. It’s still used at some casinos, nonetheless.

If you’re a man, a black-tie dress code means a short dinner jacket with matching trousers. Usually, coats without tails are preferred.

A tie or bow tie is necessary, and so are black formal shoes with matching socks. When it comes to shirts, most patrons wear bottom-down collared shirts.

Women have the choice to wear floor-length dresses or pick tasteful cocktail dresses. A pair of well-cut pantsuits are another option. However, there’s often an emphasis on wearing dark or rich colour clothes. When it comes to shoes, put on evening shoes (preferably heel shoes).

Black Tie Optional

Black tie is a relatively formal dress code mainly used at weddings and office parties. It involves an optional tuxedo for men and a cocktail dress for women. In other words, a tuxedo is required, but any formal outfit will do.

On the flip side, women are required to dress semi-formally (whatever that means). So, a black suit and office suits might be an overkill. But then again, you don’t want to put on your party mini skirt.

For clarity, below are what men and women are required to wear at black-tie casinos:


  • An elegant black/grey suit
  • A white shirt with or without a tie
  • Black/grey shoes


  • A cocktail dress from neutral colours
  • Comfortable shoes

Business Formal

Business formal describes what most people wear at desk jobs. A plain or checked cotton/silk shirt, a pair of trousers, pants, neutral colour browser and dresses are all accepted. However, you don’t want to appear too formal. As a guide, stick to these outfits:


  • Leather shoes
  • A tie (or not)
  • Dark suits with single-colour shirts
  • A leather coat and shirt


  • Conservative-length skirts
  • Blouses
  • Blazer or jacket
  • Jewellery

Business Casual

Not all businesses require people to wear suits and ties. Some bosses just want you to dress nicely—say a fitting shirt and a pair of khaki trousers. You can put on a jacket, but you don’t have to match it with similarly-coloured pants.

Business casual emphasizes on comfort while still making you good. For that reason, it’s a popular dress code for casino visitors. For more clarity, here’s what it requires:


  • A blazer or sports coat
  • Khakis or slacks
  • A tie (optional)
  • Loafers or Clarks
  • Polo shirts or button-down shirts


  • Khakis, pants or appropriate size skirts
  • Blouses, collared shirts and sweaters

Still on women, business casual means dressing like you’re going to the office. You can keep things casual but don’t necessarily need to wear revealing clothes.


Most people can’t tell the difference between business casual and semi-formal. But there’s a subtle difference. With semi-formal, you have fewer options than a person attending a business casual event. Here’s why.


  • Put a casual-style suit—i.e., one made from cashmere, or wool
  • Wear trousers
  • Pick a collared T-Shirt


  • An elegant cocktail or long dress
  • A stylish blouse
  • Put on flats, or heels
  • Select dark colours

Unlike a business casual event, polo shirts, vests and khaki trousers aren’t allowed at semi-formal events. They are deemed too casual. Luckily, not many casinos require semi-formal dress codes.

Your Turn

That’s it—the top six dress code you can expect at modern casinos. As we’ve mentioned, most establishments require casual outfits. That’s because it’s what many people wear at non-official events. And not everyone wants to visit a casino dressed like James Bond.

While you can get entrance to a casino dressed casually, you might have to follow a black or white tie dress code for the VIP lounges. After all, that’s where men like Agent 007 visit when they visit any casino.


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