Ucon Acrobatics Autumn/Winter 2020 Editorial in Paris

“Social inequality and the mindless destruction of our planet should be a thing of the past. In order to make everyone finally realize that and change their thinking, it is on us to lead by example.”
Ucon Acrobatics produce durable, timeless designs for urban nomads, the result of environmentally friendly and social decisions as well as passion and creativity. With this mindset, they create high-quality bags and backpacks every year, while trying to convince their customers that less (but better) is more. Smart investments and transparency help on this mission for change and a better future.

Presenting a selection on items from Ucon Acrobatics A/W 2020 collection shot in Créteil, just outside Paris.
– Brand: Ucon Acrobatics // @UconAcrobatics
– Photographer: Loïc Vericain // @GoldieWilliams_
– Model, Stylist: Erwan Filidori // @sickwan

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