3 Gifts You Can Give Your Boyfriend if He Loves Online Games

By December 15, 2020Guest Post

Playing games – whether you enjoy them or dislike them entirely, you can’t say they’re incredibly addictive.
If your bf has a penchant for video gaming, here are three ideas you should bring to him today.

Cloud gaming streaming

We were only able to play games with limited graphics and an incredibly basic gameplay as early as 20 years ago. However, with the developments of internet and computer technologies, we can watch even the most difficult of video games today, according to casino experts

There are plenty of online gaming platforms for gamers. This allow you to play your favorite video games from anywhere in the world, and from any smartphone, for a small monthly fee. Because all work is done remotely in the cloud, to play these games you don’t need to buy a strong device or console. Play them straight from your mobile! Popular game stream streaming options include Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Google’s Stadia, and Mist.

Online Casino Account

If sophisticated graphics and games don’t interest your bf as much as betting real money on a card, buying him an online casino account might be a smart idea. There are plenty of websites on the web that allow you to use real money to bet online.
Simply register for an online casino account, deposit some bucks, and you’re ready to play to the content of your heart. You can play slot games, or blackjack or even poker. Only check online for the latest casino incentives.

You will quickly remove your winnings from the list as you wish to party with the money you win. Only enter your bank account number or e-wallet information and the casino immediately transfers the money to your account. Then you can make winnings if you like.

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Online game passes

If your bf is a daily Xbox gamer, it might be a smart idea to issue him an online platform game pass. Microsoft is selling the Xbox game pass for the gaming line. Described as the Netflix for video games, the Xbox game pass allows players to enjoy a large range (over one hundred) of Xbox games without purchasing any particular titles. These games your bf will play on his Xbox console, and also on his personal computer! For a single monthly Xbox game pass subscription your bf will enjoy an expanded gaming collection.

However, if your bf buys a playstation, you’ll need to buy a sony game pass. Sony calls PlayStation now (PSN) to its service. This service can sound incredibly similar to the Xbox Game share, but some minor variations do occur. Instead of rendering the console’s graphics, sony does make them in the cloud. Sony does all computation on massive computers, then transfers the data back over the internet to your computer. However, you can choose to import those games and run them on your PS4. But PSN is like a bridge between subscription platforms for gaming and an automatic game transfer.

Alternatively, you should get him a playstation plus account if your bf only wants to play games online on the PS4 and doesn’t care about game streaming. This is a monthly subscription service for players at playstation to play online with their peers. It also adds two free PS4 games to your library each month and you have the option to download and enjoy those games anytime you want. The plan is much cheaper than psn, which still offers customers with access to exclusive discounts.


Video gaming can be addictive and incredibly enjoyable. If your bf is a daily online gamer, buy him one of the presents for getting into his good books that we listed in this post.

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