4 Brands to See You Through Lockdown 3.0

By January 15, 2021Style, Style Picks

Lockdown Essentials.

With the UK undergoing its third lockdown since the pandemic, working from home is going to be part of our lives in some capacity for much longer than we ever imagined.

By now you’ll likely know that while it may feel like there are no rules when it comes to the work-from-home wardrobe, the zoom-call etiquette means that getting up to work in your pyjamas is a no-go. In this day-and-age, it’s important to remember to get up with a dress with a purpose and follow a vague routine; whether it’s participating in a workout class or reading inspirational books, be sure to check out the PAUSE guide on Getting Through Lockdown 3.0 for more inspiration.

Whilst the journey from the bedroom to the improvised office space has left us with a whole host of homebound looks, loungewear has very much dominated the COVID-fashion game. Effortless but respectable, the comforting feeling of a soft cotton blend tracksuit has been second to none. Will working from home be the continued norm? With this in mind, we have curated a list of essential labels offering the best WFH moods.

Cold Laundry

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Escape the roughness, the grit, and the monotonous routine of everyday life with contemporary London label, Cold Laundry. Founded in 2019 by Ola and Cerise Alabi, the premise behind the brand invites the enthusiasts to be inspired, calm, and bring about happiness and pleasant thoughts.

Offering a foray of unisex clothing — including pleated pants and oversized outerwear — the latest collection, dubbed “ESCAPE THE NOISE” presents a modern and contemporary design aesthetic while being entrenched in comfortability. Playing on an autumnal colour palette with pops of forest greens and pastel blues, highlights from the drop include a selection of box-structured tailoring, a pleated polo and a selection of wide-leg track pants and hoodies.

Cole Buxton

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Launched in 2014 by duo Cole Buxton and Jonny Walker, Cole Buxton continues to redefine sportswear as a timeless expression of daily style for the modern man. Championing a solid foundation built of essentialism, authenticity and quality craftsmanship, the cult-favourite has matured from its Derby-based beginnings to securing retail partnerships with End. Clothing.

Tapping into the shapes, raw hems and washed-out colour hues of the clothes worn by old-school bodybuilders, the British label aims to bring back the original aesthetic of Balboa-esque gym clothing through a range of daily essentials, including premium performance hoodies, t-shirts and sweats. The luxury sportswear brand –  with a newly opened flagship in London –  enlists the highest quality fabrics and construction techniques to blend natural fibres and technical synthetics and create timeless pieces that get better with age.

The Pangaia

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Described by Vogue as ‘Hollywood’s favourite loungewear label’ science and material innovation underpin Pangaia’s pieces, whose name features ‘Gaia’ — the ancestral mother of all life on Earth.

Made from a combination of recycled and GOTS-certified organic cotton; coloured using low-impact, chemical-free dyes, all products feature bio-based fibres. T-shirts have been constructed with a natural seaweed fibre that is lightweight and more efficient in absorbing moisture when compared to cotton. Elsewhere, puffer jackets are constructed with an organic, cruelty-free vegan alternative that is made from dried wildflowers.

Inspired by a collective desire to provide an ethical alternative to fashion, “Pangaia came about from a realisation that fashion was one of the top three most polluting industries in the world” the collective notes. With 100 billion items of clothing being produced every year and a half ending up in landfill, taking decades to decompose; Pangaia is pioneering the solution to sustainable fashion by producing innovative pieces designed with love.

Second Skin

PHOTO CREDIT:  @blvckmvnivc, @tarylboothe, @pierre.laurent, @ckmhd, @onlygeo_, @supreme2society

Beginning in the Spring of 2020, Second Skin Studio is a collection of work from home essentials. “We set out to create a brand that diversifies and celebrates our customers as individuals. Our aim is to bring something timeless, fashion-forward and innovative, in a fit that allows you to feel good in your own skin. We ensure to enrich your wardrobe with premium, sustainable and comfortable pieces.” explains the label’s website.
Items include ‘The Comfort Suit’ — arriving in three colourways —  made from a blend of wool and rayon as well as a contemporary ‘Pleated Jacket’, a luxe loungewear piece designed to feel comfortable yet refreshingly light and breathable. Further offerings from the label include a cropped puffer jacket, printed-logo facial covering and ribbed crop top in a selection of neutral colours.

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