Busting Some Common Myths about CBD Vaping

By January 5, 2021Guest Post

CBD and vaping have been two of the hottest topics over the past couple of years, and they are both being backed by some heavy hitting celebrity names. Michael J Fox, Whoopi Goldberg and Seth Rogan have all spoken out in favour of CBD’s health and wellness benefits. Meanwhile, celebrity vaping advocates include names like Samuel L Jackson, Katy Perry and Leonardo di Caprio.

In recent months, however, these two trends have come together. Both reformed smokers and everyday CBD users are clamouring to try CBD as a vape. Vaping CBD has been proven to be a faster way of getting the cannabinoid into the bloodstream than oils and edibles. However, it has also provided a breeding ground for myths and misinformation. Let’s put the record straight on some of the most common misconceptions about vaping CBD.

Vaping CBD won’t get you high

For some people, hearing that CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant is enough to convince them, and anyone who will listen, that using it will leave you in a state of couch lock, giggling uncontrollably. When the CBD is inhaled through a vape, it only adds fuel to the fire. The fact is that CBD has no psychotropic properties. It is actually a different cannabinoid, THC, that causes people to get high. While CBD oils sometimes contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids, there are strict rules regarding THC and the tiny quantities that might be present will have no effect.

Vaping CBD is legal

The misconceptions here are closely linked to the previous point. In places like Canada and certain US states where recreational weed is legal, you can get cannabis vapes that contain THC. Those would not be legal in the UK. However, the CBD vapes that you can buy here is perfectly legal, as long as any trace amounts of THC do not exceed 0.2 percent. Just keep in mind that rules for vaping CBD are the same as those for vaping nicotine, so you still need to refrain in certain public places, and might need to go and stand outside with the smokers!

You can’t vape regular CBD oil

CBD comes in various forms. One thing is for certain, if you buy a bottle of CBD oil in your local Holland and Barrett and try to vape it, the results will not be pretty. A CBD vape uses vape juice as opposed to regular CBD oil. This contains a thinning agent to reduce the viscosity so that the CBD vaporises in your vape pen.

There are potential side effects

Although a CBD vape won’t get you high, that doesn’t mean there are no side effects at all. In particular, anyone who has never smoked or vaped before should proceed with caution, as any kind of vaping can make you feel a little dizzy or nauseous when you try it for the first time. Also, CBD can interact with certain prescription medication, so if your reason for trying a CBD vape is in connection with a medical condition, be sure to discuss it with your doctor first.

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