The Best Shoes to Wear in Thailand

By January 13, 2021Guest Post

Thailand is a beautiful and unique country with lots to offer every type of tourist. Whether you’re vacationing in Thailand for the sandy beaches, bustling cities, or a great nature exploration in the north, there’s one thing that every visitor must bring: shoes. Obviously.

Packing for an international trip can be a daunting task, especially if the climate and culture are so vastly different from your own. But stress no more; we’ve done the research for you! Here is your personal guide on which shoes to pack for your next grand adventure — and where to buy them.

Comfortable Slides

The first thing you should know when it comes to shoes in Thailand is that you will be taking them off. A lot. And not only when you’re enjoying a day swimming at the beach. It is customary in Thailand to take your shoes off before entering homes, temples, hotels, and even certain shops and stores.

This is why the number one shoe you should pack is slides. It’s best to avoid shoes and sandals that require you to unbuckle or untie them. You’ll want to be able to remove your shoes as quickly and easily as possible.

You won’t need to pack many shoes for your trip to Thailand (and you likely won’t have enough space to pack your entire closet), but we recommend you invest in a nice pair of slides in preparation for your trip. You can buy red slides of high-quality right here at Freedom Moses — suitable for any budget.

Casual Flip-Flops

Thailand is known and loved for its tropical climate, sandy beaches, and relaxed culture. This is likely why you have chosen to take a trip to this beautiful country.

If your itinerary will consist of the beach, pool, spa, eat, drink, repeat, then flip-flops are hands down your best choice of footwear.

Flip-flops will keep you cool, while still providing you with the necessary comfort needed as you traipse back and forth from the beach to the pool.

You might want to spend a little extra and buy a quality pair of flip-flops, as you will be wearing them quite a lot. There’s nothing worse than taking a long walk around the city or beachfront and your shoe breaking before you get back to your hostel or hotel! But don’t worry, you will be able to find a cheap pair of flip-flops at any little store in the city you are staying in.

Light Walking Shoes

You will likely do a lot of walking, and for those days when flip-flops just won’t cut it, it’s in your best interest to bring a pair of light-weight walking shoes.

Slide-on or strap-on tennis shoes are a good option; you won’t need heavy-duty shoes unless you plan on doing a lot of hiking. And even then, you want to make sure your shoes are light and breathable — Thailand is hot, and you want to keep your feet cool and dry as best as you can.

Your walking shoes can even consist of sandals with sturdy straps that will allow breathability and comfort while staying securely on your feet.

Good luck on your trip to Thailand! We hope that this guide has effectively prepared you for your journey, and helped you in your daunting task of packing for an overseas trip. Remember, you’re looking for comfort and cool feet! You’re going to be taking your shoes on and off a lot, so being able to easily remove your shoes is a must. Check out Freedom Moses for the best deals on black slides and slides of every color to complete your packing list.

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