How Your Home Reflects Your Personality

By February 14, 2021Guest Post

As humans, it is in our nature to shape our surroundings in order to form it to match our taste and needs. Over time, you will notice how your home actually reflects you and your personality. This way, your home gets its own personality and it will look like you! So, let’s see how your home reflects your personality.

Claiming Your Identity

People often use their homes in order to deliberately make statements about themselves. Through “identity claims” we designed our homes’ interiors to reflect our attitudes, values, goals, priorities and even roles. For example, people love displaying their cultural iconography to claim their identity; also if you love your family there will be photos of your partner and children all over the place; another great example is people displaying their love for animal skulls or animals with some statues, photos, paintings, etc. You will often place these identity claims in public spaces in your house in order to show the people who you are.

Colours Say a Lot, too

There is no doubt that there is a connection between colour and your personality. So, your choice of colour palates for your home will say a lot about you. Darker colours are often connected to bolder personalities. They represent people who are straightforward. On the other hand, softer and lighter colours represent sophistication. Such people tend to be more particular about the things in their home and how they are placed. Here are also some colours with more specific meaning.

Red: people often love experiencing new things with all their senses.
Purple: tells people are perfectionists and that they lover their life and home to be in order.
Yellow: they love maintaining their individuality.
Orange: social butterflies.
Brown: tells that that their safety and comfort in life are their top priority.

Traces of Behaviour

We all affect our living space on a subconscious level, and it tells a lot about our behaviour. When looking at someone’s home you will notice “evidence” of their normal everyday behaviour, which significantly reflects their personality. What shows those behavioural patterns is the way the books are arranged on the shelves, thickets from theatre, postcards or other mementoes. Also, it could also be how the cutlery is organized or not, arrangement of DVDs in alphabetical order or not, and even the number of spare toilet rolls could tell you about the behaviour of someone. We express ourselves in so many ways, and it is no wonder that our behaviour in life will show in our homes.

Your Plants Have a Voice

The presence of plants in our homes can tell a lot about us. Whether your plants are growing, full of life and green or dying and turning brown, this can tell a lot about how you take care of things in life. The same goes for the type of plants you have in your home. For example, if you have a long-lasting bromeliads it might mean that you are not an attention-seeker and that you are a calm and flexible person. Also, succulents tell that you are edgy and that you have your independent side. Orchids are often a sigh of intuitive people who are good listeners, while snake plants represent a creative and strongly introverted owners. So, take a look at your plants and see how they reflect your own personality.

Whether we do it intentionally or not, our homes will reflect who we are. The colours we choose, furniture, wall art, photos, books and even furniture will speak for themselves and can reveal a lot about the homeowner. So, if you are looking for ways to express yourself through your home or simply want to find out what your home already tells about you, look around and analyse.

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