Need More Followers on Twitter? Here Is What You Should Do

By February 15, 2021Guest Post

Have you been stuck with the same amount of followers for ages and getting new followers is proving to be very difficult? Have you just started a new Twitter account and are looking to new ways to get followers in an organic way without buying followers?

One of the key factors that drives the growth on social media platforms is how many followers you have, or rather, how many active followers you have. For new accounts, growing their follower count can be quite challenging unless they already have some kind of large audience on another platform that they can advertise towards. The top social media accounts with millions of followers have in-depth strategies and specific things that they do in order to gain and retain their followers, it is not just random or by chance that they are successful.

If you have a look at all the top influencers, they all have a pattern that they follow which made them the way that they are. If you are looking to increase your follower count, here are a few things you can be doing in order to make that happen

Engage with followers

Having a large number of followers is fantastic, but if you lack in the engagement department, having a lot of followers won’t mean a whole lot in the long run. Not only does engaging with followers through commenting, liking, and responding to DMs actually generate even more followers, but it also creates a relationship with them which will retain them too. Creating this follower relationship means that your account will start to see more retweets, customer appreciation, as well as customer confidence in your brand.

It might be tedious and timely to do more than just the basics of tweeting a bit a content, but to help you with this there are services such as Twesocial that will do just that. Twesocial is an organic marketing service for Twitter users that will handle everything to do with your account such as posting at the most suitable time, choosing relatable hashtags, and even engaging with your followers which will help with organic growth and help to increase Twitter followers. All they expect from you is to provide them with the content to post.

Use hashtags

One of the most underrated tools on twitter is the use of hashtags. These pound symbols that are followed by key words are often misused but are one of the most helpful tools to use when trying to gain followers.

When using hashtags correctly, your reach and exposure can increase tenfold. When making use of hashtags it is important to make sure that they are relevant to your content that you are posting and not just the most popular one that you can find as this can come across as spammy and create an unappealing atmosphere for your content.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your target audience will most likely be looking at specific hashtags, by including these hashtags you are already extending your reach to the exact audience you are intending to reach.

Have a tweeting schedule

It may seem like every tweet on your feed pops up at a random time but most of those people with millions of followers have a carefully planned out schedule that allows them to reach their audience that the time of the day when they are most active. By doing this you allow your content to be seen by the largest amount of people before it’s no longer relevant and dies in the massive sea of tweets.

Create great content

If you are a small business owner just posting your products all the time, you may be going about twitter the wrong way. Twitter is a platform where people communicate with each other through stories, pictures, and videos. People can easily become bored with just seeing product photos constantly and a great way to steer clear of this is to play into the design of twitter by posting relevant memes, funny videos, or even gifs that will keep followers interested and engaged with your content rather than just scrolling past it without a second look at it.

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