How to Choose a Dry Herb Vaporizer

By February 15, 2021Guest Post

Over recent years, the marijuana industry has massively grown in its popularity, increasing the market size and demand exponentially.

As with the ever-expanding growth of any industry, there are now more products available on the market to suit the needs of the everyday consumer, as well as their individual preferences.

Take vaporizers as a prime example, which are quickly gaining massive popularity. Today, you can find a plethora of different products available across stores, including online such as Smoke Cartels range of dry herb vaporizers. Each type designed to serve a different purpose, and related accessories to go along with them, like coils, cleaning equipment and charging cables. Looking to switch to a dry herb vaporizer, or to use this as your preferred method for cannabis consumption? If you are serious about purchasing one, here are a few things to think about when buying any dry herb vaporizer.


It’s important to know that different dry herb vaporizers have varying battery sizes and this can heavily impact the type of vaporiser you would prefer.

You’ll firstly need to consider why you are using a DHV in the first place, and how often you intend on using it. These two factors will ultimately influence your decision, and that’s why battery life and size matters.

Battery wise, you’ll find vaporizers that have either a removable or rechargeable battery. If you’re a frequent vape-user, chances are you’ll want a battery that lasts longer and doesn’t require frequent charging, hence a removable battery would probably be your best bet. These tend to last longer than those of the rechargeable kind.

By that same token, if you’re frequently on the road, you may want to opt for a removable battery as charging points may become difficult to locate.

Found your dream vape that includes a rechargeable battery only? Make sure to look out for a dry herb vaporizer that has a bigger battery, requiring less frequent charging time.

Controlling temperature

Different dry herb vaporizers come equipped with varying temperature controls, and you will find a device that either has a built-in, set temperature control feature or you as the user have the ability to control your own temperature preferences by customising these to your liking.

Does it matter what temperature your vaporizer is sitting on? When it comes to cannabis, it most certainly does.

The higher the heat that the cannabis (dry herb) comes into contact with, the more chance the bud has essentially of combusting, ripping out not only the flavour of the dry herb, but its important terpenes too such as CBD or THC.

Each time raw cannabis comes into contact with heat, it loses some of its essential properties such as terpenes and flavonoids. By over-heating the dry herb, you’re essentially burning all of these out of the product. If vaporizing for medical reasons, for example, having control of your temperature becomes especially important as you need those essential terpenes.

If temperature control is important to you, you should probably opt for a vaporizer with customisable control, and it’s recommended not to exceed a heating temperature of over 420°F (210°C).


As DHVs come in a variety of shapes and different sizes, you’ll first and foremost need to decide why you will be using this device.

On the market these days you can find small vaporizers that are super easy to carry around from one place to the next, as well as being super discreet. You can have your vape on you at anytime, anywhere!

Being portable this type of vaporizer isn’t just restricted to home-usage and is ideal for spur of the moment events when you’re out and about already, or with friends.

Oven capacity and price

Not the food type, the vaporizer’s oven refers to the vape chamber where the heating process occurs, and there are too different sized ovens.

The bigger the vaporizer’s oven, the bigger the actual size of the vape will need to be, designed to accommodate the oven. If you’re looking for a smaller vaporizer, you may want to remember this.

Planning on using your dry herb vaporizer at home only? Larger vapes with both a bigger oven capacity, as well as a bigger battery, are often manufactured to be used as a stationary device and so this is when a vape with a large oven becomes a great option!

If you’re planning on using it on the go, you’re probably going to want to look for a vape with a smaller sized oven.

Ultimately the size of the oven and overall device also affects the price you’re going to end up paying. Decide on what is your budget, and needs, and what size oven and if a dry herb vaporizer fits into that.

On the opposite side, you’ll find larger dry herb vaporizers and these usually require plugging into the wall’s electrical socket to operate. These aren’t portable and aren’t designed to be used on-the-go.

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