Coca-Cola Taps Anais Gallagher for “Open That Coca-Cola” Celebrity Photo Series

Ft. Lady Leshurr, Tayce, Roman Kemp & more.

Aiming to visualise the indescribably refreshing sensation of drinking a Coca-Cola, the soft drinks giant recently tapped the talents of photographer Anaïs Gallagher to capture a series of celebrities’ reactions upon taking the first sip.

Featuring intimate portraits of Lady Leshurr, Tayce, Roman Kemp, Saffron Barker, Rina Lipa and Nathaniel Hall, the selection of shots sees each celebrity experiencing those ‘beyond words’ moments of refreshing enjoyment that’s almost impossible to describe. Chosen for her previous work which focuses on candid, intimate, real-life moments, Anaïs’ commented:

“Working with Coca-Cola on this shoot was such a fun challenge. I got to use my artistic outlet to bring to life a sensation that’s impossibly hard to put into words. So instead, we captured it in images!”

Aiming to do her own description of the sensation justice, Lady Leshurr, said:

“The best thing about drinking a Coke is the bubbles. I can’t explain it, it’s like a bubble party on my tastebuds!”

Part of a wider European “Open That Coca-Cola” campaign which sees similar projects undertaken across the continent, many will already be familiar with the current television commercial with an original track scored by Tyler, the Creator.

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