PAUSE Highlights: The Case for Pairing Shorts and Boots

Does it many sense?

So summer is officially here but you haven’t got much wear out of the boots you bought for winter? No problem, you can wear your boots with shorts. One of the more confusing trends that have come out in recent times, there is something novel and strangely satisfying about paring the two in an outfit.

Matching winterwear with your usual summer outfits seems to be having a moment currently. Not only are boots and shorts being sported in the same outfit by many of the best-dressed in menswear, A$AP Rocky has been spotted out with Rihanna in the New York heat with a fluffy green ushanka hat on his head.

The idea of pairing boots and shorts throws up an almost limitless number of styling questions. It goes against everything you have been taught. It goes against all the natural senses. Because of this, we have compiled some of the outfits that have managed to make the juxtaposition between shorts and boots work. Hopefully, the trend will make some sense once you have scrolled through these outfits.

From cowboy boots paired with jean shorts to futuristic, mid-length boots paired with a suit jacket and matching shorts, there is something for every style below.

Styling Suggestions:

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