A Quick Look at Must-Have Men’s Fashion Accessories

By August 2, 2021Guest Post

The world of male fashion can be likened to an ever-evolving animal. Trends that might have been perfectly valid yesterday could be irrelevant today and embarrassingly outdated tomorrow. This is why it has become challenging to remain one step ahead of what the industry has to way. Can a man be comfortable while sporting the latest garments? What about must-have accessories?

If you have become a bit confused in regards to the fashion sector, you are certainly not alone. Countless men are in desperate need of a bit of advice and thankfully, many of your questions will be addressed immediately below. Should you be curious to learn more, keep reading.

Time for a Change

Watches have represented some of the most potent male fashion accessories for hundreds of years. While the associated technology has advanced, their appeal remains the same. Thankfully, there is no need to invest in high-end models such as Patek Phillipe or Omega if you wish to tell the time. There are a handful of cost-effective brands which can still garner a significant amount of attention. Examples include Timex, Nixon and Hamilton.

The Rise of the Man Bag

The notion of a male purse might have been scoffed at in the past, but there is no doubt that this style is here to stay. Thought to have gained popularity from the European fashion circles of the 1980s, these very same “man bags” are quite popular upon the runway as well as on the average city street corner. The main takeaway point here is that such handbags are as functional as they are stylish. They can be used to carry everything from a full-sized laptop computer to a smartphone and a handful of important documents. Materials such as leather and suede further add to the overall appeal of these accessories.

Comfort Designed for a King

There are always instances when men will be required to dress in a professional manner. However, what about our downtime? Relaxation is extremely important and comfort should never be overlooked. Still, we are not necessarily referring to an oversized bathrobe or a cheap pair of pyjama pants. Many fashion icons offer a host of unique options.

For instance, the online search term “clothing siksilk men” provides numerous choices. From textured track pants and quarter-oversized zip sports tops to plush hoodies and tie-dyed t-shirts, even the most demanding of tastes can be accommodated. While there is a time and a place for formality, a comfortable man is indeed the king of his castle.

All About the Shoes

Footwear is another variable to consider. Although the shoes might not necessarily make the man, they are certainly pivotal in regards to his overall image. A pair of brand-name trainers or loafers can help to make or break any session at the gym or in the office. Professional footwear is essential in this day and age within more formal settings.

Brushed leather shoes, loafers engineered from sustainable materials and retro Velcro models are all interesting choices to consider. Of course, comfort is always paramount. Never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics alone. Confidence always arises from a strong foundation and in many cases, footwear could very well define the outcome.

Formal Fashion

Are you expected to attend a nearby business conference? Might you be concerned about an upcoming interview? If so, a professional touch is in order. Tapered suits have been in vogue for some time. Silk ties and pocket squares are making a comeback. We are not talking about James Bond in this sense, but rather a complimentary look in relation to the suit. Simply stated, the tie and the pocket square should work in synergy with one another.

A Bit of Bling

What about jewellery? According to GQ, men’s jewellery has entered into what some may call a renaissance. This can be observed in trends such as large rings, thicker necklaces and a return to body piercings. Let’s still keep in mind that this bling needs to incorporate a bit of taste.

This is also when a bit of personalisation can go a long way. Although there is certainly no “wrong” way to wear a necklace or a nose ring, make it a point to understand the ways in which these and other accessories could have an impact upon your ensemble as a whole.

Personal Flavour

We are all well aware that men’s fashion trends change from time to time. The intention of this article was not to offer dyed-in-the-wool suggestions, but rather to provide some useful tips. Who knows what the future of this sector has in store? It is nonetheless important to keep up to date with the latest trends. As far as must-have male accessories, our team is always here to help. We look forward to hearing from you.


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