SPOTTED: Jacquees Flexes Full Louis Vuitton Fit

LV from head to toe.

The self-proclaimed “king of R&B” Jacquees has an adoration for Louis Vuitton which has been well-documented via the outfit photos he has posted to his Instagram account. Now the artist has returned with another photo showing how to style a full look from the French luxury house.

The American singer-songwriter was rocking a matching two-piece with a checked pattern, a motif which Louis Vuitton calls “Damier”. Inspired by a 1914 greetings card, the pattern was in blue and white and covered the pair of jeans and its accompanying denim jacket.

Worn alongside this bold two-piece was a pair of shiny sneakers, also from Louis Vuitton, and one of the brand’s signatures trunks decorated with a classic brown LV monogram.

Thoughts? Is this look a PAUSE or Skip? Let us know!

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PHOTO CREDIT: @jacquees