Get Lost inside Bottega Veneta’s Maze in Seoul

By October 18, 2021Fashion News

Decorated Bottega green.

Located in a car park in Seoul, Bottega Veneta has opened a new installation titled “The Maze” which is open to visitors from the public.

A parakeet green hue, which has been dubbed “Bottega green”, has been utilised to cover the entire installation with it being found on the floor, on benches and on the metal mesh which guides you around the space.

Shaped in a triangle, a signature symbol of the label that can be found across its collections, the centre of the maze presents a further reference to the Italian luxury house’s fashion. Covered in long shearling objects similar in shape to a fox tail, the walls of the triangle-shaped maze centre are a playful experiment with texture. They are also a reference to jackets from the brand’s Salon 02 collection that were covered in the same material.

Check out “The Maze” through the photos below and be sure to visit if you are in the area. The address of the installation is:

322 Sowol-ro, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

PHOTO CREDIT: Bottega Veneta

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