Achieving Big Style on a Small Budget

By January 10, 2022Guest Post

People in the UK should spend around 5% of their take-home pay on clothing, as reported in a recent analysis by NimbleFins. For instance, those taking home £1,201 should spend no more than £60 on fashion, while those taking home £3,128 can part with around £156. As you can see, the difference in amounts isn’t huge, despite the considerable salary jump. Whether you are just starting out in the workforce or you have a stable job but still need to watch what you spend, how can you turn heads and be known for your sartorial flair while still managing your money responsibly?

Strategic Shopping

Instead of shopping monthly, it pays to shop at specific times of the year, including those in which big online sales are the order of the day. Black Friday, and post-Christmas, post-Summer are three important periods in which online shops across the globe considerably slash prices. Brands like Monica Vinader (which sells items such as ‘everyday diamond jewellery’) offer savings ranging from 30% to 60% on a wide array of pieces, not just a select few. From affordable brands like Zara or H&M right through to higher-end brands and companies like Coach, Farfetch, and Karen Millen, there are many stores to shop from without the inconvenience of having to leave your home and battle the crowds.

Saving in the Months Prior to Sales

In order to lower your total expenditure on fashion, you should set aside funds so that you can grab any ‘flash sales’ that arise online. Most financial experts recommend saving around 20% of your income monthly. If you have spent your maximum amount but you find a fashion item you are interested in reselling or collecting as an investment, a £200 loan by My Quick Loan can be a quick way to get your hands on a small amount of cash. If you rely on a fast-to-approve loan of this type, make sure the interests rates are as low as possible and ensure you can easily cover regular payments.

Splurging on Accessories, Not Essentials

To build a truly stylish wardrobe, get your hands on essentials such as a good little black dress/black suit, crisp white shirt, good belts in camel and black tones, elegant high heels and/or boots, a couple of neutral-toned blazers, and tailored black trousers. Change the look and feel of these basics by spending on seasonal accessories. Currently, the biggest looks in jewellery, for instance, include layered necklaces and bracelets and stacked rings. You don’t need to invest in fine or even demi-fine pieces. Instead, layer up your finer pieces with beaded, resin, and fashion jewellery pieces for a cool boho-chic ensemble.

If you want to look great and turn heads, start by shopping for designer and affordable items alike during the sales seasons. Save a predetermined amount per month, but instead of spending this amount regularly, wait for key moments of the year to make your purchases. Finally, make sure your wardrobe contains key essentials. To keep your look trendy, buy affordable fashion jewellery and accessories that totally change the look of classic pieces.

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