SPOTTED: Bloody Osiris Heads to Israel in Louis Vuitton & Supreme

Earth tone galore.

Notorious fashionista Bloody Osiris can’t stop flexing his fits recently as the Harlem-born figure headed to Israel in a full Louis Vuitton ensemble.

Posing alongside a camel, the seasoned outfit flexer again leaned into his roots in streetwear, pairing a pair of classic white and orange Nike Air Force 1’s and a Supreme snapback hat with unreleased Louis Vuitton garments and a simple Balenciaga t-shirt. These included a pair of brown monogram workwear pants as well as a matching zip-up hooded jacket, which boasted a bright splash of orange on the hood. For accessories, Osiris opted for a butterfly belt and a pair of orange wrap-around sunglasses.

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PHOTO CREDIT: @bloodyosiris (via Instagram)

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