SPOTTED: Lil Baby Gets to Work Wearing Marni, KAPITAL & more

By November 29, 2022Celebrity Style, Spotted

Poppin' Out.

Man of the moment Lil Baby kept his long-running line of outfit flicks going as the Atlanta hitmaker got to work wearing Marni, KAPITAL and more.

Taking to Instagram to get off another colour-coordinated look, the Grammy-winning star got to work as he paired a white and blue Marni logo-embossed drawstring hoodie with a pair of matching white and blue KAPITAL Stuntman Star trackpants and a pair of red, blue, and white Union Los Angeles x Air Jordan I sneakers.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a Marni logo-embossed drawstring hoodie and a pair of white and blue KAPITAL Stuntman Star trackpants now.


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