SPOTTED: Jaden Goes for Colour in Paris for his Pop-up

His Signature Shades.

Although he has been a bit quiet recently, Jaden Smith will never hesitate to make a loud statement with his outfits – especially when rocking his own brand, MSFTSrep.

In Paris for his aforementioned pop-up, the SYRE rapper wears a MSFTSrep Holographic Print Cotton Hoodie in the brand’s signature sunset-like colours of blue, pink and orange. He pairs this with Baggy Denim Jeans by Louis Vuitton with a graphic hit on the crotch with matching colours. He finishes the look off with a pair of New Balance 550s and an orange/yellow gradient Balaclava.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to shop the Louis Vuitton Jeans.


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