The Round Up: 4 Hottest Shows from Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23

Bold, innovative and expressive.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has always been a hub of creative expression, with designers pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion. This year’s Autumn/Winter 2023 season was no different, with designers showcasing collections that were bold, innovative, and expressive.

Here are the five best fashion shows from the Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023 season.

Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov’s collection was a surrealist take on the traditional autumn/winter palette. The designer played with proportions, mixing oversized and slouchy silhouettes with tailored pieces. The collection was a visual feast, with Vibskov’s use of bold colours, textures, and patterns creating a dramatic effect. The show was a great example of how to push the boundaries of traditional fashion without sacrificing wearability.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s collection was a true display of artistry and creativity. The Danish designer presented a range of pieces that were both conceptual and wearable, with a focus on tailoring and silhouettes. The collection was dominated by neutral colours, with subtle hints of metallic and iridescent elements adding a futuristic edge. The show was a testament to Domino Tan’s exceptional attention to detail and his ability to create pieces that are both visually stunning and practical.


Holzweiler is the Norwegian fashion brand that is known for its minimalist and sustainable approach to fashion. The brand is loved by fashion lovers all over the world, and this season’s collection was no exception. Holzweiler’s Autumn/Winter 2023 show was a triumph of simplicity, with each look being a chic and stylish statement.

Wood Wood

The Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 2023 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week was a standout event, showcasing the brand’s signature mix of streetwear and high fashion. For Wood Wood this show was a display of the brand’s signature style, stunning display of effortless creativity and their commitment to sustainable fashion practices.

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