New Era Meets Accra’s New Wave of Creatives

Meeting NGO Surf Ghana & All My Cousins.

Championing emerging scenes in both music and underground culture has forever been at the core of New Era’s ethos. Continuing its efforts to give platforms to the faces defining creativity for future generations, the iconic headwear label has set out on a tour around the globe to produce a docu-series dedicated to collaborating with inspiring communities throughout 2023.  

Landing on the west coast of Africa, in Ghana’s seaside capital of Accra, to explore the country’s upcoming alternative music scene and its growing skate and surf culture, the brand has partnered with Surf Ghana and Vibrate Space for its first episode to provide support for over 400 emerging artists over the next six months.  

New Era plans to continue to work with the local communities featured in its docu-series by amplifying their stories through the brand’s global presence, contributing donations, and offering mentorship.  

Find out more via the New Era website.

Check out shots from the label’s visit to Accra below.


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