Red Wing Shoes Debut Divisive Super Mario Themed Boots

We're Sensing a Theme...

Heritage footwear company Red Wing Shoes have debuted a first look at their 1/1 Mario Boots, which celebrate the premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Having only recently seen the launch of the viral – and hugely divisive – MSCHF ‘Astroboy’ Boots, Red Wing Shoes get in on the act as they unveil their ode to Super Mario. The 1/1 pair coincide with the much-anticipated release of the The Super Mario Bros. Moviewhich is set to release next month, with the simple pair mimicking the rounded cartoonish shape of Mario’s mid-height brown boots. Arriving as a prototype pair, the robust shoes boast durable, quality leather and slip-resistant treads, making them the perfect real-life version of everybody’s favourite animated super plumber, with mushroom-based mycelium heel pads bringing some additional height whilst channeling Mario’s infinite power.

The Red Wing Mario Boots will be on display at Nintendo New York at Rockefeller Center on March 10th and will be shown there throughout April.

Let us know what you think about this pair below. Is cartoonish footwear the new wave?

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