Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ Community with Dr. Martens

By April 19, 2023Fashion News

A Staple Amongst the Queer Society.

Within the riotous five decade fight towards LGTBQIA+ rights, Dr. Martens has played a pivotal role in not only standing with the queer community, but also being the ultimate protest footwear of choice. In celebration of this, the British heritage brand has partnered up with author and journalist Amelia Abrahams to create a timeline of key moments where activists wore Dr. Martens when fighting against the status quo to fight for freedom and equality.

Some key events include protestors decamping from London en-masse to Huddersfield to support the queer communities harassed by local police in 1981 and defiant protests of the 2010s by Doc-wearing Pussy Riot, who fought the patriarchy and oppression in Russia.

Check out the full piece here and some archive imagery below.


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