Jacquemus Offer Up New Campaign Imagery Shot in Rio de Janeiro

By May 18, 2023Fashion News


Toning things down from their recently mega-viral antics, French label Jacquemus continue to push forward their forward-thinking and ever-tasteful visuals as they unveil new campaign imagery shot in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

From Chiquito bags driving along the streets of Paris to the same leather accessories coasting their way down Lake Como, Jacquemus’ viral animations and creative displays in their flagship stores have caused quite the stir in recent weeks, with many now seeing the outfit as one of fashion’s frontrunners. For their latest dose of imagery, Jacquemus have kept their vibrant colour palette whilst bringing a focus back on simply the clothes, with a host of tailored efforts being captured by photographer Eber Figueira in Rio de Janeiro. The undisputed standouts from the selection of striking imagery are the oversized collar shirts that underlay the majority of the suited looks, with these arriving in shades of hot pink, white, and orange, as well as the signature Jacquemus blazers, which continue to keep their relaxed shape.

Check out the campaign imagery here.

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