Navigating Casino Style: A Definitive Dress Code Guide for Roulette Tables and Slots in London’s Top Casinos

By May 28, 2023Guest Post

They say Fashion is a way to display our personalities. In the world of casinos, fashion plays an important role too. From the whirl of roulette tables to the sparkle of slot machines, your attire speaks volumes about your character, courage and wallet thickness. Dressing well isn’t just about personal style; it’s a display of respect towards the grand tradition of casino gaming.

When it comes to London’s finest establishments – Aspers Casino Stratford, Genting The Colony Club Casino, Crockfords Casino, Maxims Casino Club, and Crown Aspinalls – the need to dress correctly is paramount.

Dressing for Aspers Casino Stratford

Situated at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, Aspers Casino is a prime attraction alongside cinemas and bowling amenities. Here, the dress code leans towards smart casual. Think button-down shirts, dark jeans or khakis, and loafers or clean sneakers. It’s a relaxed setting, so ties and jackets are optional. Make sure your clothes fit well, for a neat, polished look.

For a detailed guide on dressing for Aspers Casino Stratford and other top casinos in London, you can turn to, a trusted UK gambling guide. They offer valuable tips and advice on casino dress codes, ensuring you make the right fashion choices for your casino trip.

Looking Dapper at Genting The Colony Club Casino

This Casino club is all about elegance. Your clothing should reflect a higher degree of formality. Opt for a suit, but feel free to skip the tie. Tasteful accessories like a wristwatch or cufflinks can add a touch of sophistication. And, of course, ensure your shoes are clean and polished.

Dress Code at Crockfords Casino

At Crockfords Casino, traditional casino style is key. This means suiting up is essential. A well-fitted suit in navy or black, paired with a crisp white shirt and tie, makes for an impeccable ensemble. Leather dress shoes are a must, as are accessories like a tasteful timepiece or pocket square.

Attire for Maxims Casino Club

At Maxims, think business casual with an emphasis on style. A blazer and trousers paired with a collared shirt are perfect. Choose loafers or clean dress shoes for footwear. Remember, even though it’s business casual, attention to details like a perfectly pressed shirt and coordinated accessories make all the difference.

Mastering Style at Crown Aspinalls

Crown Aspinalls has a rich heritage and an exclusive clientele. The dress code here is formal. A classic black tuxedo, paired with a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie, should be your go-to. Patent leather shoes, cufflinks, and a pocket square add finishing touches.

General Guidelines

Apart from specific casino rules, there are some general guidelines you should follow. Stay away from athletic wear and overly casual clothes. Your attire should be neat, clean, and well-fitted. Do not forget about personal grooming – a well-maintained hairstyle and a clean appearance can elevate your overall look.

Entering a casino is about more than just gambling; it’s about immersing yourself in a world of glamour and sophistication. Dressing well helps you fit into this world, and who knows, it might even bring you a little extra luck at the roulette tables or slots. After all, when you look like a winner, you feel like a winner. So, step into these magnificent London casinos, and let your style be your ultimate lucky charm.

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