Dressing for Horse Racing in the UK: A Guide to Elegance and Comfort

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Attending a horse racing event in the UK can be a delightful experience filled with excitement and camaraderie. Whether you’re planning to visit Royal Ascot or a local jumps meeting, knowing what to wear is an essential part of the race day experience. While formal dress codes are no longer mandatory at most racecourses, dressing up adds to the charm of the occasion. This article will guide you through the considerations and outfit ideas for both men and women, ensuring you look elegant and feel comfortable during your day at the races.

Considerations for Your Raceday Outfit:

Before selecting your raceday outfit, keep these factors in mind:

1. Weather: As most of the race day activities occur outdoors, dressing appropriately for the weather is crucial. Check the forecast and choose your attire accordingly.

2. Time of Year: The Flat racing season runs from May to October, while National Hunt racing takes place from October to April. Your outfit choices may vary based on the season.

3. Enclosure: The dress code often varies depending on the enclosure you plan to access. Higher-tier enclosures usually call for smarter attire.

4. Time of Day: Some racecourses host evening meetings, particularly during winter. Be prepared for temperature changes by bringing a jacket or shawl.

What Men Should Wear to the Races:

For men, a smart and elegant look is typically favored at the races. While specific dress codes may vary, following these general guidelines will help you fit right in:

Flat Racing:

– Collared shirt paired with trousers and smart shoes.

– Consider adding a tie and blazer based on personal preference and weather conditions.

National Hunt Racing:

– Dress for the weather, especially during the colder months.

– Some racegoers opt for traditional tweed attire, but it’s a matter of personal choice.

Formal Occasions (e.g., Cheltenham Festival):

– A suit is more appropriate for corporate guests and formal occasions.

What Ladies Should Wear to the Races:

Ladies often seize the opportunity to dress up for Flat racing meetings, while practicality takes precedence during National Hunt events:

Flat Racing:

– Flowy, elegant dresses in light colors or pastels are popular choices.

– Consider wedge heels for comfort while standing and walking throughout the day.

National Hunt Racing:

– Dress weather-appropriately, avoiding heels in wet conditions.

Winter Racing:

– Keep warm with layering options like warm coats, jackets, capes, ponchos, scarves, and gloves.

– Opt for stylish boots instead of heels for extra comfort.

Royal Ascot:

– Comply with the strict dress code, and consider wearing an appropriate hat or fascinator.

Casual Racing Outfits:

For more casual race meetings, such as weekday events, smart casual attire is often favored:

– Men can wear smart jeans, chinos, or trousers, paired with clean trainers.

– Ladies can opt for smart trousers or jeans with jumpers or blouses, depending on the weather. Casual dresses are also a good choice.


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Dressing for horse racing in the UK is a delightful mix of elegance and comfort. Understanding the factors that influence your outfit choice, such as the weather, time of year, enclosure, and time of day, will help you make the right decisions. Embrace the opportunity to dress up for the races, and whether you choose to sport a formal ensemble or a smart casual outfit, be sure to enjoy the thrill of the day with style and confidence.

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