SPOTTED: Rich The Kid Looks Wavy Wearing Mokoo & Balenciaga Ensemble

Luxe Core.

Whilst potentially flying under the radar for some, Atlanta native Rich The Kid most definitely has his own sense of style, often coming out with a selection of scroll-stopping ensembles. With this latest look, the hip-hop star made his presence known.

Channeling a firmly futuristic vibe, the ‘Plug Walk’ hitmaker opted for a black and silver colour palette with this look, with the outfit’s total bill coming in at over $5,000. Starting from the top, Rich rocked a pair of the ever-popular Balenciaga LED Silver Frame Sunglasses with a standout Black Twisted Shirt from Mokoo, a brand founded by Milan-based South Korean designer Bum-Mokoo. Completing the ‘wavy’ look, the 30-year-old went for the matching set as he donned a pair of Leather Patch Black Pants from Mokoo.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a similar Mokoo piece and a pair of Balenciaga LED Silver Frame Sunglasses now.


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