How to Make the Whimsical Gothic Trend Work for Your Fall Style

By July 4, 2023Guest Post

Summer is characterized by wearing light, thanks to the relatively warm weather. Also, it is the best time to show your fashionable side without worrying much about the weather. But summer does not last forever, but your sense of fashion should. 

With the fall being a little colder, a gothic look in fall can be a great way of showcasing your sense of style. You do not have to go the old-school gothic; you can add a touch of whimsical accents to it, a recently popular trend. This guide delves into whimsical gothic trends and how to make it work for your style. 

Understanding Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion means different things to different people but is generally viewed as a way of expressing individuality and creativity. Gothic fashion draws its inspiration from the Victorian and Edwardian eras with some infusion of subcultures such as punk and glam rock. 

Gothic fashion was most popular between the 1980 and early 90, but there is a noticeable comeback of the trend. However, this time it comes infused with whimsical accents to make it more exciting than the dark and unwelcoming nature associated with it. 

Traditionally, gothic fashion involved wearing dark clothing and heavy makeup, creating a bold yet mysterious look. It was and still is somewhat viewed as a sign of rebellion by most people. By adding the whimsical aspect, gothic becomes more of an acceptable and relatable fashion statement. 

So the key to making it work for you is to balance dark and enchanting elements. Essential elements to consider when creating a whimsical, gothic look include:

Dark Color Palette

It is not gothic if it is not dark. But gothic is not limited to black. Reds are also a major component of the look. You can also go for midnight blues and purples to increase variety. So stock up your wardrobe with these colors. With these, you have the foundation of a gothic look to build upon.

Whimsical Patients and Patterns

With the mostly dark palette, you should consider some whimsical prints or patterns to add a playful or more relaxed feel to your gothic style. The best approach is going for dark floral patterns, mystical symbols, mythical beasts, or ethereal creatures such as fairies. 

Accessorize Your Statement

Gothic fashion can leave you looking dark, so if you want to attract attention with your fashion statement, there is no better way than accessorizing your gothic statement by incorporating oversized rings, chokers, ornate headpieces, and intricate necklaces. 

Laces and Ruffles

Detailed laces and ruffles are an excellent way of adding femininity and romance to your gothic outfit. So go for outfits with delicate lace detailing or ruffled edges. When not done right, gothic can be repelling, which may not work well for you if you are interested in dating, so you want to show off your feminine and romantic side.

Styling Your Gothic Outfits for Fall

You can have a gothic look in any season. For the warmer seasons like summer, you will want to go light. In fall, layering is essential. For example, go for elegant dark coats and capes to add a layer of warmth without losing your gothic style. 

Also, consider dark tights and patterned stockings to protect those legs from the cold. Over-the-knee boots also offer excellent protection from the cold while adding a touch of edginess to your look. 

Gothic Fashion Photography

If you are in the fashion industry, photography will be a huge part of what you do to market your talent. So invest in a quality camera or hire a photographer. 

Also, lighting condition is a critical factor because light does a great job of creating a specific feel with your photos. You can look up online resources for tips about lighting to get the perfect photos for your collection. 

Lastly, the background matters a lot. However, getting the perfect background for your shots is not always possible. Luckily you can enhance your designs with AI backgrounds using photo editing tools that offer such capabilities.

Final Words

Gothic fashion has been around for decades. While its heydays were between the 70s and the 80s, the trend seems to be experiencing a comeback in recent years but this time with a whimsical twist. If you are into gothic, the tips offered above can help you stay gothic and trendy this fall.

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