MJ Jones Presents AI-Generated Campaign for Pearl Skies Collection

A Fusion of Two Realities.

Indulge yourself in life’s most opulent offerings with MJ Jones and the footballer-approved jewellery label’s second instalment of its ‘Pearl Skies’ collection. Fuelled by the power of nature, the 17-piece collection is meticulously crafted with the earth’s finest pearls across a heavenly selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants.  

Dipping its toes into the world of artificial intelligence for the very first time, ‘Pearl Skies: Volume 1’ is captured in a campaign of contrasts where traditional techniques meet futuristic technologies.  

The new Pearl Skies collection Volume 1 is now available to buy online with the darker Volume 2 set to drop in late 2023.  

Check out the AI-generated campaign below.  


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