Must-Have Items and Accessories for Private Jetsetters

By July 29, 2023Fashion News

The jetsetter lifestyle is all about style, comfort and indulgence on the ground and in the air. Those who fly regularly need to be equipped for the journey ahead, which is why packing the right things is so essential.

Chances are you’ll be travelling light if you rent a private jet frequently, so maximising what you carry around in luggage is key to maintaining your style without hindering practicality. Here are some of the must-have items you should be packing if you’re a regular private flyer.

Stylish and versatile luggage

Your luggage is so important to ensure you can travel with ease and style. If you’re taking an extended trip, a fashionable and sturdy suitcase is best to hold everything you need. For quick trips, carry-on luggage should be versatile to meet your packing needs.

A removable luxury travel washbag is a great option if you want to freshen up before you land and can make it easier to get settled in your accommodation. Luggage tags make sure that your baggage isn’t misplaced, while trackers are certainly worth it should the worst happen.

Clothing essentials and accessories

Those who travel regularly will know how important it is to be comfortable. Your choice of clothing and accessories for flying may depend on your destination and commitments, but if you have free rein, it’s better to nail the comfortable yet stylish traveller look.

Active or loungewear is often perfect if you’re purely focused on comfort. Alternatively, casual and smart casual outfits are great if you’re still keeping up appearances. Essential accessories like sunglasses, hats and comfortable shoes can make all the difference too.

Travel organiser

Documents, devices, tickets, cards and much more are all needed at some point during your travels. Managing all these separately is often a real nightmare. However, a travel organiser can help you to keep everything safe, secure and accessible when you need it.

Find one that you can slip inside your carry-on luggage and that won’t draw too much attention if you’re out and about. With all your documents in order, you can sit back and relax before your next stop.

Comfort and productivity technology

Whether you like to use your flight time to rest and relax or stay on that grind, bringing the right technology is crucial. There are so many innovative products these days to make your travelling that much better.

A quality pair of headphones can help you maintain a state of peace or focus, while phones, tablets or laptops allow you to stay connected on the go. Don’t forget your chargers and protective cases to ensure you and your equipment make it to your destination.

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