SPOTTED: Jaden Smith ‘rulestheworld’ Wearing Corteiz & MSFTSrep

It's Corteiz's World...

Musician and general jack-of-all-trades Jaden Smith took to Instagram over the weekend to get off a selection of flicks from his recent travels, with the Cali-born hitmaker rocking a piece of certifiably classic London streetwear.

The wide-ranging creative has long been known for his vibrant high-fashion ensembles, but for this latest look he delves into the depths of UK streetwear as Clint 419’s Corteiz make another global splash. Living up to their ‘rulestheworld’ tagline, Corteiz are spotted through Jaden’s black Spring Jacket, with the multi-genre musician sticking to some familiar favourite brands for the rest of the look as he completes the outfit with a pair of unreleased black denim MSFTSrep graphic shorts and a pair of white New Balance 650 sneakers.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a similar Corteiz Spring Jacket now.


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