Vintage Threads – Drive Circularity in The Fashion Industry

By August 25, 2023Fashion News

Vintage Threads and Selfridges form long-term partnership aimed at driving circularity in the fashion industry


Let’s talk about becoming more circular, let’s talk about London-based vintage and reworked clothing retailer, Vintage Threads. Said brand can be found in Selfridges on floor 3 just shy of the Off-White Concession. If you’re looking for something borrowed, something brought back to life, something unique then you’ve just found your answer.

Vintage Threads forms part of Selfridges’ Project Earth mission, their long-term partnership has the aim of driving real change in the fashion industry!

VT offer quite a nifty approach to upcycling garments, I had a pair of shorts for over a year which they were able to rework into a vest, which I wear endlessly haha. Instead of feeling like I’ve hit a brick wall and potentially having this item go to waste, they’ve breathed new life into this item, it’s even made me think about old and unworn clothes so much differently now.

In 2019, Vintage Threads founded the VT Rework brand to help drive the business further towards its zero-waste mission. VT Rework uses damaged or unloved original vintage materials to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for customers out of Vintage Threads’ East London studio. VT Rework has rapidly become a huge hit with customers around the world including Ariana Grande, Emma Chamberlain and ASAP Nast, and it’s been revolutionary to see the response to the service from customers across Selfridges stores and Seven Dials. 

VT Rework isn’t just an exciting way to upcycle pieces of damaged or unloved materials. It’s also a genuine solution to the landfill epidemic that creates the perfect sustainable way to rescue clothing from landfills, a topic that is vastly on the rise in the fashion industry and has made way for a new trendsetting way of dressing. To date, Vintage Threads have recycled up to 10,000 items of clothing, reducing not only landfill but also millions of litres of water that it takes to produce a single cotton t-shirt. 


Freddie Rose, Co-Founder and Owner of Vintage Threads commented – “We truly believe that there are already enough clothes in the world to keep us looking great and feeling comfortable with many generations to come. Vintage Threads is all about using what we have already in the world, whether that be our curated vintage collections that showcase the best in affordable vintage fashion or our VT Rework team that gives un-loved or damaged original vintage materials a whole new life.  We all need to be doing more to tackle the landfill epidemic and reducing the basic demand for production in the industry is a key component of this. ” 

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