SPOTTED: Lil Durk Goes Chrome to the Dome Wearing Chrome Hearts & Louis Vuitton

No Auto Durk.

Lil Durk comes out firing from his mini music hiatus as he looks set to return to the scene in style.

Not being known for his fashion antics, despite once upon a time donning a viral JW Anderson skateboard sweater, Lil Durk has stepped forward with a sleek biker-inspired fit, with black leather being the leading design factor here. Going from head-to-toe as always, the ‘Still Trappin’ star rocked a black Chrome Hearts Knit Leather Cross Beanie with a plain black t-shirt and a matching Chrome Hearts Leather Vest, a vintage Chrome Hearts Leather and Silver Belt, as well as a pair of – you guessed it – black Chrome Hearts Leather Pants. Switchings things up slightly, Durk also rocked a pair of black Louis Vuitton Cyclone Sunglasses and a pair of black LV Baroque Ankle Boots.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a Chrome Hearts Leather Vest a pair of Louis Vuitton Baroque Ankle Boots now.


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