Kid Cudi Rocks Crazy Grad Fit as He Recieves His Masters Degree

By December 19, 2023Fashion News

Mr. Rager Gets Educated.

Kid Cudi, or Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi as his degree reads, received an honorary master’s degree from Istituto Marangoni Miami for his continued work and innovation in the fashion sector. 

In his early years, Mescudi was an adopter of BAPE and helped define ABC camo as a symbol of the 2000s. As he continued developing a dress sense that he describes as “super sci-fi”, he would push the envelope of just how high fashion streetwear could appear with showstopping red carpet looks. This year, he decided to start his own label which was inspired by his journey through fashion, tying together aspects of rock music, space, and psychedelics. 

Fans found out about his crowning achievement through his Instagram where he shared a post saying:

“Today was a really special day. Man, words can’t really express how I felt/feel now in this moment. I’m happy, I feel complete, accomplished, validated, all the things that bring immense joy. My mom sharing this moment with me was everything. She got emotional, and it was such a special memory we’ll have together forever.”

Mescudi promised his graduating class, who he called “the future”, along with current students that he would maintain a relationship with the school and give back through scholarships and donating his own time.

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