Val Kristopher Drops Its First Collection Under New Creative Leads

By December 15, 2023Fashion News

Who Are You When Nobody Is Watching?

DIY British fashion label Val Kristopher has dropped its first Autumn/Winter 2023 collection under Edward James Hester and Daniel Marx McAtamney titled “Who are you when nobody is watching?”

The duo took over design-related decision-making just a few months ago and have been eager to implement their ethos on the brand. Hester’s dedication to pristine tailoring and McAtamney’s admiration for denim materialize as a collection filled with elevated jersey, up-worked denim, and accessories which ties the industrial aesthetic of the collection. The extremely limited collection was produced in the UK, portraying a rugged aesthetic with distressing, accents, natural dyes, and elegant hardware. 

“We prefer to let the clothes do the talking,” said McAtamney. You can make up your mind on the collection by scrolling down and checking out the official press images. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Val Kristopher

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