Les Benjamins Unveil FW24 Collection

By January 12, 2024Fashion News

Encapsulating the essence of Punk and Turkey.

With a presentation set in Istanbul, Les Benjamins embarks on a contemporary odyssey through Eastern narratives under the creative guidance of Bünyamin Aydin for Fall 2024. Throughout this collection, heritage elements are fused with modern silhouettes to honour Turkish punk’s legendary master, Tünay Akdeniz, a maestro of the 1970s punk scene.

Titled: “Eastern Punk” demonstrates, the collection masterfully combines Turkish culture with punk, masterfully weaving history and rebellion together. Its inspiration comes from Turkish heritage, infusing them with the vibrant spirit that defines punk’s essence.

As the line-up explores the realm of gender-fluidity through audacious silhouettes and asymmetrical finishes, it pushes boundaries. Colours range from vivid pinks and yellows to blazing reds, seamlessly blending with deep purples, opulent burgundies, and sleek blacks, creating a dynamic smörgåsbord of contrasts.

From the cut-and-paste aesthetics of punk album covers to the graceful allure of Turkish calligraphy, ancient carpet motifs, and Eastern symbols, the visual narrative artfully blends influences and can be viewed in snippets below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Les Benjamins

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