C.P. Company’s ADV Campaign Boasts Community Appeal

By February 12, 2024Fashion News

Something for Everyone.

C.P. Company is notorious for showcasing its latest collections on the bodies of some of pop culture’s most important individuals. This season is no different as their Spring/Summer campaign included models from the sporting world to musicians, along with anyone in between. 

The ADV campaign saw German international and Borussia Dortmund talisman Marco Reus lead the charge. The following imagery included Eve Carol Kelly, a UK-based stylist who incorporates C.P. garments fluidly throughout her social media, Francis Mallet, a professor of musicology, 72 Hour Post Flight, the fashionable Italian jazz quartet, as well as James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman, the voices behind Throwing Fits, a podcast welcoming men into the world of “jawns”. 

C.P. Company is renowned for its dedication to uplifting the individuals and subcultures embedded within its brand. Regardless of social status, social media follower counts, or global popularity, C.P. has no problem shedding light on those who wear the goggles with pride. 

Take a peak at the campaign imagery below. 


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