Louis Vuitton Launches a Sustainable Diamond Initiative

By February 5, 2024Fashion News

Full Tracability.

While luxury luggage and ready-to-wear goods remain Louis Vuitton’s focus, the brand is finding it difficult to ignore its rising popularity in the fine jewelry market. In response to this, Louis Vuitton has launched LV Diamonds, a fine jewelry collection boasting full traceability. 

The initial release includes a small collection of rings, using the brand’s signature flower monogram logo as its focal point. Previously, the line was teased in the United States and Japan under a bridal-focused campaign, featuring similar design principles.

While the rings are inherently a sight to behold, the standout feature of these unique diamonds is their traceability. Customers who purchase from the LV Diamonds line will receive an extensive sheet that provides details on the mining, sorting, polishing, and setting process. A video of the rough stone will also be provided, showing where and how the diamond was sourced. 

Continue down below to take a sneak peek at the LV Diamonds collection. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Louis Vuitton

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