C2H4 Goes Sky High in Latest Aviation Collection

Soaring Above.

Los Angeles’ C2H4 have released their ninth capsule, titled ‘Aviation’, which rekindles formal wear and its relationship with leisure. The collection aims to bring you back to the airport in the ‘60s, catching the hasty yet fashionable passengers in the middle of their journey.

Since its beginnings in 2014, C2H4 has thought of themselves as chemists before fashion designers. The label’s collections mix different substances to create new matter, as exemplified in their beaker of a collection that pairs blazers with sweatpants. ‘Aviation 1′ includes menswear and womenswear looks, pairing athleisure and workwear with standard formalwear that has been optimally tailored for comfortability. Baggy jeans and oversized jumpers make up the majority of the base layers in this collection, accentuated and accessorized by vintage luggage and Y2K electronics. The workwear-inspired looks include worker jackets and button-downs with elbow-length sleeves in faded colour schemes.

Check out the official collection imagery below. 


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