SPOTTED: Kendrick Lamar Takes ‘Blokecore’ Up a Notch on Stage in Mexico

The One & Only.

Kendrick Lamar’s fashion escapades have often landed himself industry plaudits as well as kudos from those not entirely tapped into fashion, but this latest look is bound to get some people talking.

In the midst of the LA born artist’s ongoing feud with fellow musicians Drake and J. Cole, the man in the spotlight is not shying away from a standout outfit or two, with this latest look taking the football themes of ‘Blokecore’ and taking them to new extremes. Snapped on stage at AXE Ceremonia Festival in Mexico, the ‘FEAR” hitmaker rocked a pair of green and black goalkeeper gloves from standard industry brand Vizari, pairing them up with a simple light grey suit, white button-down shirt, what looks to be a PgLang printed graphic head towel, as well as a pair of wrap-around sunglasses and a metal-adorned fitted cap. On feet, K. Dot opted for a pair of square-toe lace-up suit shoes from Martine Rose.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to twin with Kendrick with a pair of Martine Rose square-toe lace-up suit shoes now.


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