BEAMS x SLOW Keeps it Sleek with New Bag Collection

By April 22, 2024Fashion News

A Flawless Line-up.

What is bound to be one of the most underrated releases of the year is this recently-debuted BEAMS x SLOW collaboration, which sees two Japanese outfits at either end of the popularity spectrum join forces.

BEAMS’ affection for collaboration continues into 2024 as they follow on from joint releases alongside ASICS, Levi’s, Polo Ralph Lauren and more to link with the small-scale Japanese accessories outfit known as SLOW, with their joint collection putting forward three staple accessories. Looking more closely at the collection, the standout pieces include the AZUMA, NYLON HELMET BAG and the NYLON RUCK SACK, all of which champion Japanese history through a casting back to the Edo era, being a period in time where overall peace and an enjoyment of arts and entertainment were paramount. This is particularly evident in the leading AZUMA bag, which boasts a fabric-wrapped composition – more specifically nylon – whilst leather adorns the handle and strap to stay in line with SLOW’s design heritage. Releasing later in the year, the NYLON HELMET BUG and and NYLON RUCK SACK take direct influence from military stylings as they place emphasis on convenience and added storage space.

The BEAMS x SLOW AZUMA bag is available to shop online now via the BEAMS website and in-store, whilst the NYLON HELMET BUG and NYLON RUCK SACK styles will release on June 7th.

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