Canada Goose Appoint Haider Ackermann as First Creative Director

By May 15, 2024Fashion News

Big News.

In an unexpected turn of events, Colombian-born French designer Haider Ackermann has been unveiled as Canada Goose’s first-ever creative director.

The diverse designer has become a mainstay in the luxury fashion space over these past few years, working most notably with Timothée Chalamet for many of his red carpet looks. Fast forward to 2024, Ackermann has been unveiled as the debut creative director of Canadian winter clothing brand, Canada Goose. Looking to “elevate the brand’s creative aesthetic,” Ackermann is guiding the company into its next era in style and has already put forward his first effort, announcing the news with the launch of an exclusive style in support of Polar Bears International (PBI), which is a group that are at the forefront of efforts to “study, understand and protect polar bears and their declining habitat.” In-keeping with Canada Goose’s winter aesthetic, the effort arrives as a result of an inspirational trip with CEO Dani Reiss to Churchill, Manitoba – known as the polar bear capital of the world – and acts as a literal representation of both Ackermann’s and Reiss’ ideology that every human has an inherent responsibility to protect our planet.

In a statement about the news, Dani Reiss stated the following:

“When it comes to the marriage of craftsmanship and beauty, there’s no one more fitting than Haider Ackermann. He intuitively understands Canada Goose as a brand apart from all others, and that authenticity, craftsmanship and performance are the cornerstones of our brand. With his distinct ability to harness the energy and potential of our authentic heritage, I look forward to seeing his impact across our designs.”

Additionally, Ackermann shared his sentiments on his appointment as Canada Goose’s creative director:

“What drew me to Canada Goose is not only how they have created a category, but also its authentic reputation and drive to stay committed to its purpose. The impact this brand has had on the world around us is meaningful and inspirational. I consider myself a student of the environment and my trip to Churchill lit a fire to do more and be more. My hope is that by coming together with the extraordinary climate champion Jane Fonda, we can help drive people to act – and to do it now.”

Haider Ackermann’s first seasonal collection with Canada Goose will launch for Fall/Winter 2024.

Check out campaign imagery featuring Jane Fonda below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Willy Vanderperre/Canada Goose

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