Jacquemus Opens Up Summer-Ready Saint-Tropez Boutique Alongside Restaurant & Beach Pop-Up

By May 15, 2024Fashion News

A World of Wonder.

Simon Porte Jacquemus certainly knows how to get the blogs talking as the French born fashion designer announces the opening of Jacquemus’ new Saint-Tropez boutique.

Having become wider known for their viral antics, Jacquemus are back at it again as they show off their new Saint-Tropez space in style, pairing the news with an array of eye-catching social media videos that encapsulate the sensations of summer. From carrying wildly oversized postcards through the streets of Saint-Tropez and drinking from enlarged drinks on the beachside, to lying on 18 sun beds and getting “JACQUEMUS” sunburnt into your back, the youthful French outfit’s social media escapades know no bounds. The space itself sees a quaint peach-coloured storefront tastefully adorn the Jacquemus name, with the retail space also debuting alongside a relaxed and airy restaurant as well as a summer-ready beachside pop-up area.

Check out Jacquemus’ latest campaign and Saint-Tropez space here.

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