Nicholas Daley Presents its Spring/Summer 2025 Collection “Not Afraid”

Celebrating Culture.

Nicholas Daley presents its Spring/Summer 2025 collection titled “Sacred Drums,”. A powerful homage to Rastafari culture and Jamaican Nyabinghi drumming. A deep exploration of faith, culture, and solidarity, with traditional Jamaican rhythms forming the core narrative. Inspired by folkloric practices and spiritual soundscapes, Daley’s designs resonate with the meditative and communal essence of Nyabinghi drumming.
The collection’s centerpiece, the SLYGO Jumper, pays tribute to Daley’s personal and shared histories, recreating a hand-knitted piece originally worn by his father at a pioneering reggae event in Edinburgh. This connection to Daley’s lineage underscores the broader diasporic themes explored throughout the collection. New styles, such as the Field Shirt and Hooded Pullover, reinterpret military and traditional Jamaican garments, while wide-leg trousers and shorts emphasize comfort and movement. Footwear collaborations with Clarks Originals and accessories like hand-crocheted hats and tie-dyed scarves enhance the collection’s depth.
Take a further look into the collection below.

PHOTO CREDIT: @Nicholas Daley

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