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Introducing Romer Hell's Kitchen: a new NYC hotel offering the ultimate good neighbour experience.

Romer Hell’s Kitchen redefines the hotel experience by seamlessly weaving the vibrant spirit of its neighbourhood into every aspect of its operations. Having opened in Fall 2023, the 295 guest-room haven is more than just a place to stay; it’s a dynamic hub where the essence of Manhattan’s storied Hell’s Kitchen comes to life.

Imagine a hotel where the concierge isn’t just trained in hospitality but also by a local bar owner who knows all the best late-night eats. This unique touch ensures that guests have insider knowledge at their fingertips, making their stay truly authentic. Romer Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t just exist in the neighbourhood; it stands for it, exemplified by their appointment of a “Mayor of the Block.” This friendly figure embodies the hotel’s commitment to fostering genuine connections, making every guest feel like part of the community.

The hotel’s dedication to supporting nearby businesses is evident in its collaboration with a local vintage shop, which styles and accessories the staff uniforms. This partnership not only highlights local talent but also adds a distinctive flair to the hotel’s ambiance, reflecting the eclectic charm of Hell’s Kitchen.

Romer Hell’s Kitchen is rooted in the belief that travel should be deeply connected to local culture. Here, guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the neighbourhood, transforming from visitors to locals, while locals find a welcoming spot to frequent. This innovative approach creates a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere where the lines between traveler and resident blur, fostering a sense of belonging for all.

In essence, Romer Hell’s Kitchen is more than just a hotel; it’s a celebration of community, culture, and connection. It’s a place where the heartbeat of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen resonates through every interaction, making every stay a rich, memorable experience.

PHOTO CREDIT: Romer Hell’s Kitchen

PHOTO CREDIT: Romer Hell’s Kitchen

“When we say that the Romer is built to embrace its neighborhood, we mean it,” said Highgate CEO Arash Azarbarzin. “The inspiration for Romer came from my constant travel throughout my career. When I arrive in a new destination, whether it be for business or leisure, I want to experience that place as authentically as possible. I want to eat where the locals are eating and discover the best that the destination has to offer – rather than ending up in tourist traps. With Romer, our aim is to design, program and activate this hotel so that it not only delivers the brand promise, but serves as an extension to exploring the local neighborhood.”

“We created Romer Hell’s Kitchen internally from the ground up on a single premise — give everyone the ‘good neighbour experience.’ From there, creating the brand internally — before design even began — made sure that every part of the hotel had a distinctive purpose,” said Callie Peck, Creative Director of Romer Hell’s Kitchen. “Romer celebrates the beauty of the unexpected and encourages people to ditch their overly researched itineraries for more authentic New York experiences just around the corner.” 

PHOTO CREDIT: Romer Hell’s Kitchen

Finer Details

What’s more…

Romer functions as both a social club and a hotel. Its common spaces are designed to welcome local residents and guests alike, featuring a series of inviting rooms that seamlessly transition from daytime to evening vibes, including a living room, library, communal tables, and a fireplace.

Additionally, there is the Corner Store, embodying the Romer Hell’s Kitchen brand. This space serves as a platform for local vendors and artisans, offering a carefully curated selection of neighbourhood finds alongside exclusive Romer merchandise.

The Neighbourhood Cafe delivers an authentic taste of the area with every sip and bite. Serving breakfast and lunch daily, it features a rotating lineup of local bakers and regional coffee roasters, ensuring a fresh and varied culinary experience.

A special thank you to the entire team at Hells Kitchen Hotel for the assistance and outstanding service.


851 Eighth Ave
New York, NY 10019
P: 212.581.4100

Website: Romer Hell’s Kitchen | Romer Neighborhood Hotels (
Instagram: @romerhellskitchen


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