PAUSE Designer Interview: Feng Chen Wang

Combining Traditional Culture with Modern Fashion.

Feng Chen Wang is a name you’re sure to have heard about in the fashion industry. This Chinese-born, London-based designer is making waves in the fashion world with her unique blend of functionality, conceptual design, and personal expression.

Wang’s journey began at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, where she honed her skills in menswear. Her aesthetic, which she describes as “future-modern, emotional and multidimensional,” focuses on technical deconstruction, meaning she takes traditional garment structures and reimagines them, creating pieces that are both stylish and innovative.

One of Wang’s hallmarks is her use of unisex clothing. Her designs transcend gender limitations, offering pieces that can be worn by anyone who appreciates her style. This approach reflects the changing landscape of fashion, where fluidity and self-expression are increasingly valued.

PAUSE’s contributor Bethany Berkeley spoke to Wang about her journey into fashion, streetwear culture and much more below.

feng chen wang

Where did the journey begin for you?

My journey began in London where I studied, I started designing menswear and fell in love with the methodology behind clothing, seeing how 2D patterns come together to create a 3D garment… it still inspires me today and deconstruction is ever present in my collections.

What is the ethos behind the brand?

Clothing is so personal, it’s an extension of who we are and a visual representation of the people we are on the inside. For me, I create clothes for the people who love to wear them; it’s for them to explore and reinvent. The ethos of the brand is to wear what you love, regardless of your gender or age.

What challenges did you face as a woman entering the fashion industry?

Like most industries, there is always room for improvement – fashion is continuously evolving and moving forwards and I am excited to see how the system can evolve.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Having my brand is my biggest achievement, being able to share my experiences, culture, and history with a global audience. It’s such a magical opportunity.

feng chen wang aw24

How does fashion & streetwear culture differ in China from what you’d find in London?

London is much more explorative, especially with its silhouettes, and that has always provided me with inspiration for my collections. China’s streetwear scene is much more reserved in a way compared to London. I feel London is much more expressive.

How do you think fashion & streetwear has evolved over the years?

In so many ways, we have gone through so many eras in fashion and streetwear. From them existing as separate entities to now, where they coincide, the line between “what is fashion?” vs “what is streetwear?” is so blurred.

Give us some tips on how to dress casually but still stand out.

I always love mixing styles, I often dress in “athleisure,” but I love mixing it with cultural references and more tailored pieces. I guess the way to stand out is by bringing you to the outfit. Make them fit you, not the other way around.

What was the underlying message you wanted to express through your FW24′ collection?

The Fall/Winter 2024 collection, like many of my other collections, was extremely personal. In China, tea culture is so deeply rooted and connected, it’s a way of bringing people together, it’s about community, and it’s about strength through community. I wanted to be able to transform tea culture into something visual.

So it was focused on the transformation of tea culture into a design language. How did you come up with that?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my hometown, Fujian, and my personal experiences growing up there. I remember the feeling of belonging and being connected to my community when we would gather for tea. It all started from that memory.

I love how the silhouettes in this collection are slightly different from your last. There’s a bit more restraint in them. Why the change this season?

The FCW character is always developing – this season they felt more mature. Its almost as if they are growing up with time. Going back to the inspiration and that feeling of strength, visually for me that comes from tailoring and a sharper, refined silhouette.

Finally, what we all want to know… what does the future hold for Feng Chen Wang?

There are so many exciting things happening at the brand, I feel like I am always working on a new project! We do have an upcoming apparel collection with Converse, which is really exciting, and of course our Spring/Summer 2025 show in June.

feng chen wang aw24

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