PAUSE Highlights: Milan Fashion Week SS25 Round Up

Another season down.

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2025 was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and clothing elegance. Whether it’s Prada or Martine Rose, the Milan’s SS25 edition showcased a diverse array of styles, from classic tailoring to avant-garde designs. Here’s a roundup of the most captivating shows that defined this season’s Milan Fashion Week.

Martine Rose

Heading to Milan for the first, Martine Rose’s MFW debut was a rebellious, underground-infused spectacle. Set in an industrial space, in true Martine Rose fashion, the show featured models in prosthetic noses and matted wigs, wearing pencil skirts, fishnet stockings, and warped tracksuits. Rose’s signature defiance of conventional fashion norms – which has made her the fashion industry’s non-conforming darling- made a powerful statement as she continues to blend streetwear with high fashion.

The collection was a bold commentary on individuality, challenging societal norms and expectations. Rose’s use of unconventional materials and silhouettes continues to create a raw and edgy aesthetic that resonates with her audience. And Rose’s ability to push boundaries and challenge the status quo ensured that her debut in Milan was memorable and impactful.

JW Anderson

For his latest collection for JW Anderson, Jonathan Anderson drew inspiration from hypnotherapy and free association. A must see show in the MFW schedule, the collection was a journey into the subconscious, with each piece reflecting Anderson’s dynamic and unique perspective on fashion.

In true JW Anderson fashion, bold prints and unexpected silhouettes challenged traditional notions of menswear, making the collection both intriguing and thought-provoking. The collection featured oversized quilted jackets, utility gilets, and surreal motifs like Guinness-adorned sweaters – a testament to Anderson’s playful manipulation of proportions and texture use to create a dreamlike, avant-garde presentation. Now considered his calling card, Anderson’s use of unconventional materials added an element of surprise, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish. Key pieces included oversized trousers with exaggerated pleats and asymmetrical jackets that defied conventional design principles.


Zegna’s SS25 collection was a harmonious blend of nature and industry, set against a backdrop of a recreated linen field. Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori emphasized sustainability, using linen for its versatility and eco-friendliness. Perfect for the modern man’s summer wardrobe. Zegna’s commitment to sustainable fashion was evident in every detail of the collection, from the fabrics used to the presentation itself.

Seamlessly integrating technology and nature, Zegna’s latest offering is one of a forward-thinking approach to luxury menswear. Sartori’s vision for Zegna continues to push the boundaries of traditional menswear, making sustainability not just a trend but a cornerstone of modern fashion. The collection featured earthy tones and sharp tailoring, capturing the essence of summer dressing. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen closed the show, adding a touch of Hollywood glamour.


Sabato de Sarno’s sophomore collection was a standout for its bold use of colour and texture, incorporating elements of streetwear and high fashion. A vibrant homage to youthful energy, the luxury brand had 400 students in attendance, a testament to how De Sarno’s designs are resonating with the upcoming generation of designers and fashion enthusiasts.

De Sarno’s approach to design is refreshing and contemporary, making Gucci one of the most talked-about shows of the season. Featuring surf-inspired graphics, short shorts, and beaded embellishments. Gucci’s playful and youthful vibe was accentuated by innovative design with key pieces in the collection such as oversized leather blazers paired with graphic tees, creating a look that is both casual and sophisticated. Accessories played a significant role, with pencil case bags, oversized sunglasses and chunky jewellery adding to the overall aesthetic.


One of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ Prada’s SS25 show was a “fairytale ravescape” with a dynamic set and a youthful, optimistic collection. Showcasing distorted silhouettes, shrunken shirts, and trompe l’oeil designs, the collection emphasized spontaneity and lived-in looks, capturing the essence of youthful freedom.

Two fashion veterans who have not missed a step, this collection was a celebration of creativity and individuality, with each piece reflecting the playful spirit of the designers. Prada’s use of bold colours and unique patterns continues to create a visually striking aesthetic that charms the audience. Miuccia and Raf’s incorporation of vintage elements added a nostalgic touch, while the innovative designs ensured that the collection was modern and fresh.

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