SPOTTED: Gunna & Tyla Light Up BET Awards 2024 with “Jump” Performance

2024's Favourite Duo.

South African hitmaker Tyla has had her fair share of hits in 2024 so far, and the BET Awards 2024 recognised her stellar year with two awards for Best International Act and Best New Artist. Celebrating the achievement, Tyla brought Africa to the world alongside Gunna, with the duo hitting the stage for their joint “Jump” record.

Getting the crowd up off of their feet, Tyla wasted no time in getting her signature rhythmic moves going as she and Gunna matched each other’s vibes in two black leather ensembles, with the fan favourite duo blending in and amongst a plethora of back-up dancers. As per usual, Gunna championed the leather vest as he layered it up with a matching pair of slim-fit leather trousers and a cut-off sleeve Misfits band t-shirt, rounding out the look with a beret-style cap adorned with various silver adornments. On the other hand, Tyla stayed true to her typical look as she opted for action-ready knee pads as well as a tassel-laden skirt.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images 

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