A Day in the Life of Alexander Wang by Steven Klein

August 4, 2015

With the recent news of Alexander Wang’s contract termination with Balenciaga, the designer is currently at the heart of discussions in the fashion sphere. But only The Wall Street Journal could spend one day in the life of Alexander Wang, understanding a bit more what lies behind the witty and dynamic fashion character.

With the celebration of his eponymous label’s 10th anniversary this year, Wang collaborates with charity While he appears smiling under the eye of fashion photographer Steven Klein, we patiently wait to see what he put together for his very last show to be held on October 2nd…

The Wall Street also unveiled a series of key-statistics entitled Wang by the Numbers, illustrating what a one day in the life of Alexander Wang truly looks like:

– 20 emails Wang sends to himself on average per day, jotting down new ideas. At the end of the day he compiles them all into one email, which he sends to himself as well

– 4 massages per month, approximately. He prefers deep tissue—the more painful, the better.

– 12 weeks a year Wang spends in Paris working on Balenciaga. He lives in a hotel in the eighth arrondissement and frequently orders in Chinese food.

– $54.48 Price of a small black flight suit Wang buys at an army surplus store in L.A., in addition to two black tank tops.

– 72 years Age of his mother, who consults on the Wang brand, which is family owned. “She still wants to take on more,” he says.

– 20% Growth of the Wang brand annually from 2011 to 2014. There are now 23 Alexander Wang stores worldwide.

– 1 dog A miniature pinscher named Uni who has her own black leather tepee at Wang’s Tribeca apartment.

– 420 bracelets handed out to people waiting in line (some for 13 hours) for the Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration last fall in New York City. Each bracelet granted 15 minutes of shopping time.

– 6 sweaters in Wang’s inaugural collection. At his first trade show, he had 80 orders

 photo BN-JO626_0915AT_16H_20150727133458_zpssfrbxh2g.jpg
 photo BN-JO627_0915AT_12H_20150727133503_zpsjqoiyogj.jpg
 photo BN-JO632_0915AT_12H_20150727133532_zpsjnylcrtk.jpg
 photo BN-JO634_0915AT_12H_20150727133542_zpsbgvmdkqp.jpg
 photo BN-JO633_0915AT_12H_20150727133537_zpstnxfdvpu.jpg



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