PAUSE Meets: Stranded Apparel

Stranded Apparel a new urban brand, current to our seasons effortlessly carefree style. This up and coming brand is full of great potential with a promising future, here at PAUSE we got the inside scoop into what the brand is about.


What got the ball rolling for ‘Stranded apparel‘?
I started up Stranded Apparel towards the end of summer 2012 after completing a project about homelessness. I’ve always had a strong passion for art and fashion and felt with this first collection it was all about showing off our brand ethos, whilst making our name and aims known.


Tell us something we might not already know about your brand?
For every purchase people make 10% goes to Crisis and Shelter.

Name 3 words to describe what represents ‘Stranded Apparel‘?
I feel it’s hard to define a brand in three words! – current, bold and urban.

We noticed you’re all about giving, perfect for this time of year. What pushed you to represent a charitable organisation?
I realised throughout my project that others aren’t as fortunate as we are and felt it’d be good to couple together fashion and charity to create a brand that makes a difference.


What would be your must have item this A/W?
I am focusing quite heavily on our spring collection at the moment, but we have recently just dropped our fold beanies which are selling well!

Who are your inspirations which influence your brand?
I’m always taking inspiration from where I’ve been and what I see. Two of our tee’s are of two homeless people I’ve spoken too in Liverpool and Leicester and I hope the story they have told me is something that can be seen in the designs.

I have also taken inspiration from a French stencil artist named C215 for one of our pieces. Our slogan inspired by purpose is something that drives me to make sure we continually deliver creative designs.


Twitter: @StrandedApparel



Interviewed by Yvonne Jay

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