Nike x Riccardo Tisci: Air Force 1 Collection

By March 14, 2014Sneakers

Riccardo Tisci‘s collaboration with Nike is finally here!


After an announcement in January, then a sneak peak, later seeing a full preview. PAUSE is happy to announce the collaboration is about to hit your nearest stores. Givenchy’s creative director, Riccardo Tisci has teamed up with Nike to bring a fresh new collection of sneakers for spring/summer 2014. The sports fanatic and high-end designer join forces showcasing a basketball-inspired sneaker collection.

“The shoe is universal yet somehow very personal,” Riccardo Tisci has explained. “I travel all over the world, and I see people wearing the Air Force 1, and they wear it in so many different ways. And so I was thinking, what is the essence of the Air Force 1? And how do I take that essence and make my own statement?”

nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-02-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-05-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-04-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-03-960x640
nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-06-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-08-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-07-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-09-960x640
nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-10-960x640 nike-x-riccardo-tisci-nike-r-t-air-force-1-collection-11-960x640

Tisci designed four different styles ranging in height from low-cut to knee-high, whilst sticking to the orignial iconic Nike air force sneaker. The bold colourways represent an essence of modern day tribe. The collection includes the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Lo, Nike + R.T. Air  Force 1 Mid, Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Hi, and the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Boot. The collection will release March 21st at select retailers in Milan, London, New York, Berlin and Paris. The black/brown colorway will be released in April, no date announced yet but will soon. Check out the release of both colours at select retailers including Soto Berlin.

Source: Complex
Photos: Complex

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